About Us

In 1968, Charles D. Rogers and his partner Edison C. Marney founded Rogers & Marney, Inc. with the goal of building the finest quality homes and providing the best customer service on Cape Cod. For over half a century, the continuity of hands-on management with attention to detail has established Rogers & Marney, Inc. as the most reliable and dependable builder on Cape Cod—delivering unsurpassed quality at reasonable rates.

Under the management of Gary Souza, a longstanding employee and now owner, Rogers & Marney, Inc. has never been better positioned to serve their customers.

All jobs large or small will benefit from Rogers & Marney’s skills and attentive service.

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Trust, reliability, dependability and dedication are founding principles of Rogers & Marney. Inc., and still serve as the foundation for each and every job we undertake.

“ We don’t just build homes, we build relationships. That’s the fundamental core of Rogers & Marney.” Gary Souza, Owner after President.